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Adults Cats for Adoption/Sale

Shown below are adult cats that have either come to us from other homes or are retired queens or studs. Page updated December 2017.

Foxy is a gorgeous F4 Savannah female, neutered and looking for her forever home. Foxy was 3rd Best Savannah Kitten in Western Europe TICA show world last season and is a real softie. She has had one litter of Savannah Kittens before we decided to downsize and realise we can't keep them all. She will continue growing until she is at least 3 years old.

Foxy is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and will go with her TICA paperwork to her new pet home.

£350 donation required.

Adult Chausie boy came back to us with a limp, very frightened, and with internal parasites leaving him nervous and with a sensative tummy. £150 donation required.

He is now becoming friendly again - parasites have left him with a delicate tummy but pre/probiotics seem to keep this under control.

F3 Savannah female with a friendly playful character - what a stunning savannah girl she is! Not a large girl but oh so elegant!

£550 donation required.

This gorgeous girl was bred at Purebliss Cattery.


Sarakell is a sweet natured bengal female that has come to us looking for a new pet life. Approx 6 years old, neutered and ready to go. This lovely girl is unhappy with children and will wet herself in proximaty. we dont know how she is with dogs although she seems happy with other cats. Sarakell was not bred at Purebliss.

£150 donation required.

These photos are simple snapshots taken in our cattery and home.