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  • Welcome to Purebliss Cattery

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  • Welcome to Purebliss Cattery

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Purebliss Cattery Adults for Adoption/Sale

Shown below are Studs and Queens to be retired and rehomed during 2017. Page updated August 2017.

Purebliss Kizer Shizer is neutered and looking for his forever pet home. Due to Kizer being a retired stud he requires a few weeks after being neutering for his hormones to settle, so Kizer won't be able to leave us until September, He is available for reservation now as he is such a sweetheart he will surely be reserved before he is ready to leave us.

£200 donation required!


Leana is a stunning F3 generation brown marbled savannah FEMALE - a very loving, mischievious savannah - Leana needs to go to a home that will allow her to intrude into your family and hearts - she loves to open doors. £350 donation required.


Purebliss Trinity is a silver spotted Savannah female at Purebliss Cattery who is now neutered, and looking for her forever pet home. Trini is an opinionated girl with a big voice. Please contact Tim on 01400 281586 if you feel you can give Trinity the home she is looking for. we are asking for a £200 donation!
FOR SALE - Pawsum is a gorgeous friendly brown spotted savannah female - Very pretty F3 savannah female. A young adult savannah with some growing to do yet. AS a neutered pet we are asking £500. Phone Tim to arrange to visit this delightful girl.
photos coming shortly

Foxy is a gorgeous Brown Spotted Savannah female who has had her first litter of kittens. Foxy is an F4 generation savannah girl - as a netuered pet we are asking £350. Please phone Tim to arrange to visit this lovely girl.

A gorgeous friendly, playful girl - had a final in her only TICA show she visited as a kitten

These photos are simple snapshots that we've taken of our cats in our cattery and home.