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Dazzledots Private Dancer, Rosetted Brown Spotted Bengal Queen

Screened negative for HCM

Does Not carry snow - carries dilute - screened negative for PK def (N/N)

Brown Spotted (rosetted) Bengal female, Dancer is stunning! luxurious pelt with lots of rosetting. good profile with large whisker pads beneath a broad nose, and "to put the icing on the cake" a fabulous temperament. Many thanks to Mara for bringing this stunning girl into our lives. Please scroll down for her pedigree

Dazzledots Private Dancer is a rosetted brown spotted bengal queen - photo by Robert Fox
Tim Bliss holding Dancer coming out of Quarantine Finally the day of release. Dancer was taken into quarantine on partial pet passport. Many thanks to Mara for her paperwork - all was in order for us to be granted early release. In other words Dancer completed part of her pet passport in Canada and part with us in England. Dazzledots Private Dancer shouting goodbye to everyone in quarantine on her release.
brown rosetted bengal female these photos of Dancer were kindly taken by Mara just before Dancer came to England brown rosetted bengal female
Pedigree of Dazzledots Private Dancer
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Photos below are photos of Dancer as a youngster taken by Mara Summers of Dazzledots
  brown rosetted bengal female   brown rosetted bengal female   brown rosetted bengal female  




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