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  • Welcome to Purebliss Cattery

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  • Welcome to Purebliss Cattery

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These kittens are under evaluation and are being "run on" with a view to being part of our/a breeding programme. Please feel free to make enquiries about any kitten you may be interested in joining your breeding programme - they may be available.

page updated 15th August 2017

Purebliss Vavoom is an outstanding Silver Spotted Savannah queen - DOB: 11th April 2016.

phone Tim on 01400 281586 for more information.



Purebliss Trinity has now been neutered/retired and this girl is another from Trinity's last litter born that we are evaluating for a breeding programme. Love her facial markings and of course there is that black nose that the judges are obsessed with. Just look at the shape of her ears, her profile is excellant, her chin is strong but with that look of being set back due to her wonderful puffy nose letter which is nicely set forward from the chin - gorgeous!
Male Bengal Kitten sired by CH Purebliss Pawsonality
Purebliss Shmoking Hot is being run on to become part of a breeding programme. A much sought after Black Smoke, she is stunning with her white background colour just starting to show beneath her black coat. Sired by Arcticsavannahs Mio and Dam is Purebliss Trinity. DOB: 11th April 2016.

All our Savannah and Bengal cats/kittens are registered with TICA, and our Toyger cats /kittens are registered with TICA or GCCF and you will receive a signed pedigree when you take home your kitten. All our kittens are socialised with our family and friends. We do not allow our kittens to leave early or without vaccinations. We reserve the right to delay the day of a kittens rehoming if we are not happy for the kitten to leave our care at that time.

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